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God Chose the Crayon

For we are God's masterpiece.  Ephesians 2:10 NLT

Photo courtesy of morguefile and jdurham.I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. My stick figures look pitiful. The art of coloring gives un-artsy people a way to add individual flare to a picture beautifully drawn out for us.

My daughter, Megan, and I are fond of coloring. A fondness starting when we were both little girls. We colored together through her childhood, teen, and college days, and still do today. Who says coloring is only for kids?

Proudly signing our name to completed pictures is a tradition. “By Mom” was my standard signature until Megan married. Now I sign my actual name. To later admire our handiwork as we flip through books during a new coloring session, we date each finished masterpiece with month/day/year. They bear who and when information.

There’s another coloring book story. God’s glorious artwork is seen in creation. Blue sky, aqua blue oceans, sunsets of pink and orange, green grass, and all the primary colors chosen in a rainbow. God colored me and you exactly like He fancied. No scribble. Perhaps coloring outside the lines for some of us, nonetheless a finished picture He desired to capture. Exactly. And perfectly to His liking.

Freckles, dark skin, light skin, dark eyes, or light eyes. Maybe we would have picked a different crayon, although we are not the Creator.  Each of us is an original work of the famous artist, God. He will never have to sign a piece of His work: “By God. However, I’m not an artist in any stretch of the imagination.” 

We are a coloring book story. God chose the crayons. We bear who and when information as well as the artist’s name, “By God.” We are never removed from His coloring book but proudly nestled inside the pages as a testimony of His grand handiwork.

Admire your unique design by God. Don’t complain about your craftsmanship as if you were the artist striving for perfection that can never be attained. He’s the master artist. You’re a masterpiece by design! 

(Photo  courtesy of morguefile and jdurham.)

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