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The Real Problem

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  1 Peter 5:8 NASB

Photo courtesy of morguefile and ks42day.Late one evening, I let our two dogs out one last time before locking the doors. Unbeknown to me, a skunk had found its way into our backyard. Chaos erupted within seconds. My husband was yelling, the back door was wide open, and our dogs were barking. As I rushed to see what was going on, one dog ran inside. My husband hustled inside and slammed the door. While our second brave little dog defended his territory, the skunk trotted—seemingly unconcerned—toward our back porch. I hurried to ring the front doorbell, hoping the dog would hear and come to investigate.  Eventually, our pint-sized keeper of the castle entered the house with a guilty expression, hoping he wasn't in trouble.

Gradually, I noticed a pervasive stink inside the house. We realized the dog who came inside first had been sprayed, but not before she laid on the bedroom carpet, a small rug, her dog bed, and the couch. Who could blame her? She only wanted to escape the smell.

We bathed both dogs, and I washed a load of towels and a dog bed. As I lay down to sleep, my eyes stung because of skunk odor. The next day, we opened windows and turned on fans, trying to get rid of the smell. I attended a meeting, hoping I didn't smell like Pepe Le Pew.

As I considered how the events unfolded, what revealed itself is a common strategy of our adversary, the devil. Between the sound and fury of a skunk in close proximity and a dog on high alert, the real problem slipped in unnoticed. That’s what happens in our daily lives. We grow focused on what seems to be the issue in our lives, but the bigger, more devastating issue slips in when our attention is elsewhere.

Peter warns us to be on the watch. Be alert because Satan seeks after us like prey. Are you alert to distractions from the enemy? The world provides an ever-changing kaleidoscope of misdirection.  

Focus on Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him and you will stay on course in this life. 

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and ks42day.)

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Mary Pat Johns

Mary Pat Johns is currently a Bible teacher at Faith Family, a mega-church in Victoria, Texas. Her teaching venues include assignments for ladies’ Bible study and assisting her husband with their weekly Understanding God class. She also serves as an instructor for Destiny Bible Institute. A mother and grandmother, she lives with her husband and their miniature dachshund Ike, who runs the show.