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Just Do It!

Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not his benefits.  Psalm 103:2

Photo courtesy of morguefile and PercyPants. I don’t feel like running today. My legs hurt, my arms hurt, and my mind hurts. These are excuses that can keep me in bed and from my workout. I like the benefits I get out of running. So I ask myself, Should I run? My flesh says no, but my spirit says yes.

There are healthy benefits I get from running. I get stronger. Strong enough to play, fit in my pre-pregnant pants, and just be plain healthy. After pondering the benefits, I motivated myself and quoted Nike, “Just Do It!”

Some days you don’t feel like praying, worshiping, or reading your Bible, but there are benefits you receive from having an everyday relationship with God. The Psalms remind us to praise the Lord, never forgetting His benefits.

There are days when the trials in our life get to us, but when we praise the Lord, we put our problems aside and concentrate on worshiping Him. In return, this allows us to receive the benefits of restoration and peace in our lives. Just when you start concentrating on reading His word and praising Him, you realize God has taken care of the situation. He works quietly when we notice Him and not the problem. 

Are there days you don’t feel like praying or worshiping? When the excuses try to keep you down, think of the wonderful benefits God has for you when you stay in close communication with Him. Like Nike … Just Do It.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and PercyPants.)

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April Ready

With a BA in broadcast journalism from University of North Florida, Army veteran April Ready has been writing poetry and screenplays since the age of sixteen. Her true passion for writing books flourished with the birth of her daughter. After ten years as a pharmaceutical representative, she has now put all her energy into her passion, which is writing and touching people’s lives. April’s children's book, Up and Away on My First Flight, is the tool she uses as she tours schools, teaching children how to deal with fear and anxieties. April lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband Jamel, daughter Brielle, and their crazy but loveable chi weenie dog Koko. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and Writer’s Guild of America West. www.cubventures.com


  1. You've nailed the secret to obedience- Just do it!