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Come to the Table

On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.  John 7:37 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Some of my fondest memories have been around our four-legged beast.

Dinner time has always been an event at our house. Our family comes together around our table to eat, but conversations emerge and then laughter—lots of laughter. Sometimes, we toss food around, feed the dogs under the table what the kids don’t want, read the Bible, and make prayers—all the time. 

We have signed college scholarship papers for two of our kids on that table, celebrated many birthdays, and completed numerous homework assignments. It's a hallmark of our kitchen. It bids us come, eat, fellowship, be in the vicinity of each other, watch the outdoors when in disagreement, and hold hands to pray in good and bad times.

We've changed diapers on that table when necessary as well as popped champagne and wiped tears. But one thing stands firm: we were never alone around the table. Even when we couldn’t find placemats and had to use paper plates, the table reminded us of love and an invitation to join. Loneliness has never surrounded our table. 

God also sets a table before us. He wants us to come, take a seat, and enjoy His company. But more than that, He invites us to commune, talk, reason, and argue. He also invites us to express disappointments and misunderstandings, shed tears, and talk about all kinds of mysteries. He wants us to jump up excitedly about victories won and mourn the losses that break our hearts.

But we have to join God. By doing so, we also let our heavenly siblings love on us and do life with us. Jesus ate with Pharisees, had expensive perfume poured on Him, served friends, prepared a table within eyesight of His enemies, and blessed food—all around a table. 

Jesus wants us to spend some time at the table and let Him serve us from the rich bounty of His Word. He can heal us of any brokenness we have.

Feast on God’s goodness. Let Him handfeed you His rich truths. 

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Sheila Krygsheld

Sheila Krygsheld is married to Tim and has four children and one granddaughter. Her life can seem backward, such as when she went back to college at forty-four to complete a MA in Apologetics. Sheila also holds a BA and a MA in Biblical Studies. She currently serves as a board member of Daughters of Grace—a multi-cultural ministry—and writes regularly for her blog, www.daughtersofgrace.net. Sheila looks at societal trends and culture shifts through the lens of Scripture to equip women to defend their Christian faith.