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Freedom Is More

You armed me with strength for battle; you humbled my adversaries before me.  Psalm 18:39

Photo courtesy of morguefile and Jusben. I didn’t think I could catch my breath. The day our child faced judgement, we had no option but to trust God to strengthen us. He would have to do something, for my knees were weak. Our son stood before his adversaries – alone.

“Lord, give us the strength for this battle. Humble his adversaries. Fight the battle before him.” God granted him victory.

The Psalms have often been my go-to when I face difficulty. David’s laments before the Lord seemed always to say what I could never articulate. His words were like links in a chain. Links I held tight to, believing the other was attached snuggly to God Almighty Himself.

Through the centuries, God has gone to battle in countless ways. He protected his people while they struggled through bondage in Egypt. When Moses led them out, God stood firm, miraculously saving them.

Wars have come and gone and those who have died have not just been our own. Every man and woman who donned a uniform was the someone’s child. Despite the opposition, those soldiers were loved by their families. War takes the lives of the innocent. It twists truth and blinds righteousness. The throes of battle are not always military. Satan strives to wreak havoc and chaos from within, and we have maimed, broken, and killed our own. Then the snake wins. Just look at the news today.

The promise of God stands faithful. He has armed us with strength against our adversaries, but we must be girded in our spiritual armor and be ready to stand and fight.

Jesus paid a tremendous price for our salvation, and He did it without regret. Through His death – death’s battle is over. He has given us all we need. We only have to call on it.

Freedom is more than waving a flag. . .bought and paid with lives freely given in our behalf. It’s means standing shoulder-to-shoulder against the lies of the enemy and holding our ground even when the world says we are wrong.

Our child was victorious but only through the strength of God.

Freedom seems to be an oxymoron – it’s not free at all. When you see a solider, show them your gratitude for their service. Thank them for protecting you. And when you kneel to pray. . . praise God for the battle He fights in our behalf for we are armed by His strength. 

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and Jusben.)

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  1. Thank you for your post on this great significant day. Happy freedom day!