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Just Add Water

For this very reason, make every effort to add.  2 Peter 1:5

Photo courtesy of morguefile and octaviolopez.I sit on my deck and dream. It’s spring and the air is crisp and refreshing. I’ve carefully placed tender flowers of pink, white, yellow, and brilliant magenta in freshly-potted soil. I picture entertaining friends encircled by flowers during summer evenings. At least, that’s what I plan in May.

By the end of June, the flowers are struggling to withstand the scorching sun and oppressive humidity. Determined, I try to remember to lug my watering can from pot to pot. Water, the life-preserver. As the days grow longer and hotter, I water more, pluck the spent blooms and mix in fertilizer to rebuild their strength. “You can do it, little flowers. Just a few more months. Hang on.”

Confession: by mid-July, my care-tending has grown tiresome. I sit inside enjoying the air-conditioning and gaze at the heat waves floating up from the deck surface. “It’s so hot!” I whine. The flowers are left to fend for themselves. Before long they’ll gasp and wither into crispy twigs. So much for my role as the Queen of Flora.

Do I neglect my soul like I do my flowers? When the days feel long or oppressive, do I take the lazy way and pamper myself with the air-conditioning of pleasure? I will, at times, entertain my mind with distractions like television or social media. When the sun sets on that oppressive day, I wonder if I am richer in soul.

What is my life-preserver? Jesus. He gives me the water that keeps me going. He’s the fertilizer that strengthens and grows. So, when I need him most—when life feels parched and needy—I run to the Scriptures that bring life. But, that takes training my heart to respond. When I’m not looking, I tend to grab any flashy life-preserver tossed in my direction. Even though I know better

I’m learning that it depends on me. Me turning to Him. He will supply all of my needs and unlike my flowers, it’s up to me to add what I need. Just like mixing fertilizer, my faith needs some additives to grow strong and healthy. Maybe it’s time to pull out the watering can.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and octaviolopez.)

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Wendie Gabbard

Wendie Gabbard, a native of Louisville, KY, thinks the perfect evening is feeding people around her table and sharing stories. When she’s not doing that, she enjoys writing and teaching about the Bible. www.wendie-gabbard.squarespace.com


  1. Such a great reminder how parched we get in our spiritual walk. We need our bottle of living water (Jesus) to carry around don't we?

  2. I garden just like Wendie! What a beautiful reminder that I need to care for my soul in the hot, dry seasons. Thank you, Wendie!

  3. What a wonderful devotional. Can readily relate.

  4. Very real and encouraging!

  5. Thank you for the reminder to not let our faith dry up and wither. Also, thank you for always nurturing and tending to your friendships. I love and value you and your strong faith. I'm looking forward to more of your devotions.

  6. I am reminded yet again there are no coincidences as I read this today as I am struggling with a heavy heart! Thank you for reminding me to cling to the ""Living Water"" when my spirit is feeling dried up.

  7. What an apt description of how to live daily a contented,yet Christ-centered life! A great word picture- I don't want to be like those poor plants.

  8. Love this, Wendie! We (I) need to be intentional about not only fertilizing my own soul every day, but my relationships too. Thanks for a fantastic reminder on a busy back-to-school day! Love you! :)

  9. I loved this! A great reminder for us all!

  10. What a great devotion - how simple it really is to always just add water. Beautiful!

  11. Great analogy for how spiritual motivation can lag. Going to go tend to my flowers of faith now!

  12. Such a beautiful metaphor for my need of the scripture. I need to better train myself and put the watering can in plain sight!

  13. Beautifully written.I can certainly relate as I watch my hanging baskets wilting in the August heat on the front porch. So easy to get wrapped up in the role of mom that I often forget to water my spirit with the Word! Thank you Wendie, I needed this!