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For we are God?s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.  Ephesians 2:10 NLT

Photo courtesy of morguefile and PercyPants.Ever been to the Grand Canyon? If not, I must say you are missing a masterpiece of natural art that offers us a glimpse into God’s creative imagination. I’ve been there twice, and I can tell you firsthand of its incredible, jaw-dropping majesty.

But not all who have stood at its rim while dizzily peering into the canyon’s soul have shared this sentiment. In fact, the leader of an army detachment sent in 1857 to scout the American Southwest was mostly underwhelmed when he first sighted the canyon. Quoting from his expedition notes, he stated:

“The region is, of course, altogether valueless. It can be approached only from the South, and after entering it there is nothing to do but leave. Ours has been the first, and will doubtless be the last, party of whites to visit this profitless locality. It seems intended by nature that the Colorado river, along with the greater portion of its lonely and majestic way, shall be forever unvisited and undisturbed.” Lt. Joseph Christmas Ives, 1857 US War Dept. expedition

I wonder if Lt. Ives were around today, would he like the opportunity to rephrase his assessment? This same landscape he judged worthless is now among the greatest natural treasures in the US National Park System. It attracts around five million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Not to mention that the Colorado River, by way of Hoover Dam, provides electricity and water to tens of millions who live in the Southwest. So which was truly “valueless” --- the canyon and its river, or Lt. Ives’ assessment of them?

Yet with all the Grand Canyon’s splendor, there is another creation God prizes even more—you. You are the apex of His creation. And when anyone, including you, questions your worth, God laughs just as hard as we do at Lt. Ives’ journal entry. He knows the worth of His creation. When looking at you, God sees the potential in your life even when others do not.

So don’t let the Ives’ of this world convince you that you have no value. The only one who can truly assign value appraised you as “priceless” when He sacrificed His own son to add you to His family. So when you look in the mirror, look past the paper-thin veil of a worthless report and be awe-struck by the potential of God’s most wonderful creation.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and PercyPants.)

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Greg Watson

Greg resides in far western Kentucky with his wife and three kids. He considers himself to be a secular minister cleverly disguised in the workplace as an Environmental Manager at a chemical plant. He enjoys spending time with his family and writing on his blog, Underground Priesthood, when he gets the chance. You can read his blog at https://undergroundpriesthood.wordpress.com/.


  1. What a revealing historical account to serve as a reminder to always seek God's perspective! His view is so different from ours.

  2. Brother, for some reason of all the devotions I write or read, your devotion today spoke clearly and warmly to my heart in a fresh way. Keep writing, our Lord has an ongoing ministry for you.