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Look Again

Then Elisha prayed and said, ?Oh Lord, please open his eyes that he may see.?  2 Kings 6:17 NRSV

Photo courtesy of microsoft office. Vision is important.  Natural vision as well as spiritual vision.

I believe each of us value and are thankful to God for our natural eyesight. It is a gift. Our eyes take in many sights—an array of creative and natural beauty. Quite often, we venture through life making decisions, drawing conclusions, and gaining perspective from what we see with our natural eyes. Yet, our decisions, conclusions, and perspective can be misconstrued because we rely on our natural eyesight instead of seeking God in prayer . . . allowing Him to show us from spiritual eyes.

Like myself, some of us have made unwise decisions based on what we see. Perhaps we were tempted or lured into making purchases we should not have and could not afford. Maybe we entered into an unhealthy relationship that was not good because he or she looked pleasing to our sight—never taking the time to pray or seek God for answers.   

It is through the wondrous act of prayer that God will renew our mind, change our view, and show us a different perspective. If we pray, God will take us from focusing our natural eyesight on the circumstances to see His power and might over our circumstances. Prayer is a channel to seeing clearly—seeing through the mind of God. If we look again, we’ll see victory on the horizon.

When facing overwhelming circumstances as with Elisha and his fearful servant, let us not become doubtful and fearful. Allow prayer to go forth. Pray, believe, look again, and see God. He does more for us than we can ever imagine or our natural eyes can behold. Pray and look again!

(Photo courtesy of microsoft office.)

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Carmen Harris

Carmen Harris is an aspiring writer to the glory of God. She has submitted devotions and has a published devotion in Women At The Well - Volume II, published by Judson Press. She is an evangelist and missionary, and has taught Bible study at her local church. She is passionate about the cause of Christ. Carmen desires for God to use her writings to help encourage and impact the lives of others, leading them to a rich, ongoing relationship with God.