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Help Me, I Cry

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  Philippians 4:13 KJV

Photo courtesy of morguefile and Zabmo. Feet rise like dead weights and muscles grimace while leaning on a walker from the rear lift to the driver’s seat of my minivan. Arms and hands lift ragdoll legs when transferring to and from my wheelchair a multitude of times daily. What is the secret to euphoria as we beg mercy in our agony?  “Father, help me.”

I find solutions for everything, conserving energy by adapting alternate ways of functioning to minimize undue stress on ouchy or overworked body parts. Washing with the water of the Word flushes my toxins out to sea. Mindfulness every moment, every breath, and every step alleviates the strain allowing liberation from oppression in my fleshly mobile home.

Exercise and the Holy Spirit’s breath send oxygen to my cells, giving sustenance for mobility. A gulp of air and a Scripture are my daily bread—a cool glass of ice water on a stifling day. Opening my wings fully like a seabird in flight when transferring from my wheelchair allows the possibility to stand and soar in movement. God covers me in my walk out to freedom when I stay cool, calm, and collected. “Hold me up Lord,” I now cry.

Every moment remains an opportunity to paint the picture of reality by the choices we make and our thoughts, words, and actions. Eyes and ears are avenues of inspiration—senses awakened by smelling roses, hearing symphonies, viewing artwork, or reading prose.

God’s power and our intention can work as a team. Answers become apparent when we stop and listen. No matter how much suffering we may have to endure in these days, God’s glory will be revealed to us with what is on the way. All things are possible to those who have faith and believe. Have faith. Believe.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and Zabmo.)

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Andrea Conrod

Andrea Conrod has lived most of her life in an active physical dimension. Her late-blooming relationship with God has taught her how to deal with physical challenges which changed the course of her reality and focus. Faith and trust in God are all there is in accessing His glory every moment, every breath, and every step we walk.