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So you should say, "If the Lord wants, we will live and do this or that."  James 4:15 NCV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Sheikh Chillie was famous among children for his funny stories.

His motive was to build castles in the air by establishing great businesses in his imagination. One day, his mother asked him to sell eggs in the market. As he was on his way, he put the baskets of eggs on his head and got lost in his thoughts. He wondered what would happen if the eggs became chickens and then became hens. All the hens would lay a lot of eggs, and, with those eggs, he could go to market and sell those eggs.

As he enjoyed his thoughts, the basket of eggs fell to the ground. The eggs were ruined, and the people surrounding him laughed.         

Many times, we act like this character. We get lost in our thoughts and become daydreamers. But when we come out of our imaginations, we have nothing except regret.

When daydreaming, we bring new things into our imaginations without realizing that without God we cannot attain anything. Our future is in His hands. By bringing something new into our mind without God, we try to create something on our own.

When we daydream without God, it becomes spiritual adultery where we take the role of God. James reminds us we have no assurance of tomorrow and should plan according to God’s will.  

It is good to plan, but our plans will soon disappoint us if God is not in the center of those plans.

Schedule every day with the Word of the Lord in mind.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Aftab Hakim

Aftab Hakim was twenty-six when he accepted Christ. Prior to that, he was an atheist. After accepting Christ, God gave him a vision to work in the Sunday school ministry and share his experience with teenagers. He is now a pastor and working on his Master of Theology degree from Yonsei University in South Korea. His wife is pursuing a M.Div. from Lahore College of Theology in Pakistan. Hakim has a passion to take the Word of God to underdeveloped areas. His hobbies include reading, writing, singing, and playing the guitar.