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Faith Multiplied

Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves.  Mark 6:41 NIV

I feared math as a child. But as an adult . . . I'm learning to love the way God uses numbers to increase my faith.

A few years ago, I started a blog where I enjoy expressing my testimony as a believer in Christ and the lessons I'm learning through Him. My readership slowly grew, and I sometimes wondered if my messages of God's hope were making a difference.

Did my words matter?

Though my stats seemed stagnant, I felt God's reassurance by the unexpected ways my stories were carried from person to person. First, I got an email from a friend saying she would take my post to a monthly meeting at her church. An aunt shared one of my entries with her Bible study. Then, to my surprise, a friend from work told me she'd read my blog and called two of her friends to make sure they read it too. Finally, a stranger copied my link to her page as an illustration of a point she wanted to convey.

God was growing a ministry in me beyond my comprehension. And He was doing one short article at a time. I wrote the devotions. He amplified the messages. I offered my testimony. He supplied the hearts and minds to receive it.

In a quiet place near the Sea of Galilee, a little boy sat unnoticed until a few thousand people got hungry. I'm sure he never dreamed he'd be sharing his two fish and five loaves of bread with a large crowd that day. He gave what he had, and it was enough.

Since God gives us our abilities, He can be trusted to direct us on how to use the skills He blesses us with. The outcome is His privilege. He is the great multiplier of faith.

Depend on Him to add hope and subtract doubt when you embrace opportunities to glorify Him with the work He gives you to do.

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Melody Roberts

Melody Roberts is a member of Oregon Christian Writers and lives in Oregon with her husband, two children, and a fierce Jack Russell Terrier who patrols their backyard for squirrels and nosy cats. She loves blogging about her faith and writing historical fiction. Melody is a proud native of Wabash County, Indiana, where her faith in God took root and now flourishes in Oregon.


  1. Melody, I loved your devotional entitled Faith Multiplied. I shared it on my Facebook page. God is still multiplying! It was really encouraging to me about my writings on my website. God bless you indeed, Debbie Norred www.heartkeepers.org