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Harassment or Opportunity?

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.  Matthew 9:38 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.By 11:00 a.m., four invasions from dubious, uninvited sources had occurred.

What was it I was just praying about? My patience was already strained as I listened to the message from the most recent invader: “Return this call immediately. If you do not, we will suspend your Social Security number.”

Righteous indignation sparked. Okay, you want me to phone right back? I will gladly call and tell you exactly what I think.

When the fake Social Security man answered, my rant began. “How dare you … terrifying innocent people … scammers and liars … abusing the elderly …”

Just as feistily, he retorted, “Why did you call if you thought it was a scam, and who told you to call?”

“God did!” I spat back.

Two thoughts in succession flashed in my mind. God is probably not backing up this call and—wait a minute—this is a God-call! 

My heart instantly softened, and compassion flowed. “Don’t you know Jesus has a better plan for your life? He made you for a purpose. He’s given you special gifts and has a job suited just for you? One where you won’t have to lie. One you can be proud of.”

As I continued speaking, he mumbled at regular intervals. “Yes, ma’am … You’re right … I know … Thank you …”

Sensing his hunger, I spoke on about Jesus’ mercy and love and then somehow found the boldness to ask if he wanted to invite Jesus into his life. When he said “Yes,” I don’t know who was more amazed. I had the privilege of leading him to Christ.

What started as a frustrating day turned into a glorious one once I discerned the heart of God and what He was doing. I wondered how many moments like this I had missed. Is that ringing phone harassment or opportunity for me to proclaim the gospel? Is the grocery stop just a mundane duty for me, or does God have someone He wants me to reach?

Ask God to help you see moments of harassment as opportunities.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Helen Cannon

Helen Cannon is an itinerant preacher, former missionary, and pastor living in rural Virginia where she is love-slave to a host of hummingbirds each summer. She frequently travels back to South Africa to minister in churches. She is available to speak at church services, retreats, and conferences. Contact her at helencannon129@gmail.com.