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Learning to Float

But I trust in your unfailing devotion; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  Psalm 13:5 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.My mom loved to float.

Whenever Mom could be in our backyard pool without any kids splashing about, she'd lie on her back and float. As a kid, I never understood the appeal of such a boring activity. In fact, learning to float on my back was a scary task. How could I expect the water to hold me up? I would try, lying back on the water, but soon my arms would flail, my feet would kick, and I’d sink below the surface. 

As an adult, I discovered the joy of floating like Mom. The times I find myself alone in a pool without splashing kids around, I float. The cares of the day lift as I rest on top of the water.

When it comes to faith, the same principle holds true. When we try to live by our own power—worrying, fretting, and planning our lives—we expend a lot of energy. We assume we are the only one who can keep bad things from happening. We are anxious and tired.

But we don’t have to waste so much energy. Instead, we can trust in God’s unfailing love as the psalmist did. We can stop running around trying to save ourselves and rest in the love of the One who saves us. When we do, we rejoice in our salvation and find peace.  

When things are good, floating is easy. Trusting is more difficult in times of tragedy, pain, and loss. Worry and anxiety rob us of energy and time as we attempt to control things we cannot. Learning to trust in God and His faithfulness gives us peace.

Ask God to help you rejoice in His faithfulness.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Fara Howell

Fara Linn Howell is a writer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a Christian educator who loves to study the Bible and explore the wonders of God’s world around her.