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Potential for Disaster

Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.  Proverbs 4:26 NIV

Keys and potties don’t mix.

Never try to slip your keys into your pocket while standing in a bathroom stall with your back facing the door. The potential for having your keys wind up glaring at you from the bottom of a white porcelain bowl is fairly substantial. You could find yourself in a tight spot with limited options as to how to proceed. And in some cases there could be some long-term, even costly consequences for your hasty actions.

I can happily report that while I did not have to fish for my keys, I did put myself in this precarious situation. Keys in hand, purse, book bag strapped on the back, I rushed into the washroom without thinking. Before giving myself enough time to make the necessary adjustments, I was in a position for potential disaster. I nearly let the keys slip from my fingers while they dangled just two feet above the pool of doom. One false move could have resulted in an unfavorable state of affairs.

We can let out a big sigh when we have a narrow escape from calamity, but why do we allow ourselves to be in a position of potential danger in the first place? Most of the time we just don’t think far enough in advance, but other times it’s because we have allowed ourselves to be tempted by selfish desires.

This phenomenon is nothing new for the human race. From the beginning of time, people have put themselves in positions they shouldn’t be in, doing things they shouldn’t do. If mankind was prone to always make the right choice, the Book of Proverbs wouldn’t have been included in the Bible. Proverbs is packed with words of wisdom and sounds like it was written via the voice of experience and common sense.

Proverbs doesn’t contain verses regarding the proper procedures for storage of keys in a public restroom, but it gives great instruction for other aspects in everyday life . . . friendship, child rearing, handling money, worry, ethics in business, choosing a spouse, how to conduct yourself at a party, and much, much more. It is truly amazing.

Here’s a challenge for you. The Book of Proverbs has thirty-one chapters. For one month read a chapter every day. It will make you think, make you smile, and may even keep you from doing something foolish.

Let God direct you through His Word.

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Karen Oglesby

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