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From the ends of the earth I will cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.  Psalm 61:2 KJV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Our extended family has experienced the blizzard of sickness and health problems for the past five months. Overwhelmed is the word to describe how I have felt—buried. Tiny snowflakes are lovely to watch, but snow storms—measured in feet rather than flakes—can hide a road, bury a car, shut down a city, or cause a disaster.

“See those eagles? They nest up there,” my husband said as we sat in a boat in Maine. Maine has rocks where fisherman anchor their boats in bays below cliffs fifty to one hundred feet tall. We watched. “Look in this direction. Here it comes.”

The eagle dove off the cliff, slipped into bay waters, grabbed a fish, and turned upward, his huge wings pumping the air. The eagle soared until it reached the nest, the fish still in its mouth. Her nest was safe in the heights. Rocks held the giant birds and their young. Provision of food and water was accessible, all planned by their great Creator.

I read the second verse from David’s sixty-first psalm one morning. These very words were included in an anthem I had sung fifty years ago. Suddenly, the melody came to mind and I sang it aloud. The words set to music refreshed my soul. David himself must have experienced the same as he cried out to God. Tears came to my eyes, but not because of the problems. God led me from them to the rock, a place and a person higher than I.

God is my source of strength when I am weak. He is the Rock … the ultimate helper. He is the strong tower who protects me from the enemy that lives in my world. God lives above—the heavenly realm, His tabernacle. He invites me to abide, stay, and visit Him in His “living room.” He wants me to rise above the pelting ice and snow.

Overwhelmed? Our “snow storm” came in sickness this time. Other trials may come, but faith will lead me to the Rock every time. I live on Eagles Nest Drive.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Joyce Merwin

Joyce Merwin lives in Owego, NY, with her husband Robert, who is a fine artist. A mother and grandmother, Joyce retired from public school and Christian school teaching and county casework. She taught women’s Bible classes and has spoken to women’s groups. Her hobbies are reading, gardening, and music.


  1. What a moving illustration and reminder of the only positive way to deal with overwhelming circumstances. Soar His Spirit!