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Shedding for New Growth

Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.  John 12:24 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.In order for new opportunities to appear, something old must die and depart.

In spring, during my daily walk around the neighborhood lake, I always notice the trees, still naked from winter but sprouting tiny buds from their fingertips. The bright sky shines easily through their bare branches which causes me to notice their trunks, hugging the lake’s edge and craning over the water’s surface. Most are large birches, growing in clumps along the water’s edge, the bark peeling frantically as they begin to shed paper-white coats and reveal new growth.

Whether a person is shedding unbelief, immaturity, or a sinful habit, they must first undergo a tearing away of the old things. A loss of the old way of thinking or doing something must occur for growth to happen and something new to begin.

Even trees shed to grow. Bark splits to allow for increased girth. If a tree was wrapped tightly to prevent peeling, the tree’s growth would be hampered. Trees are meant to grow, and growth means shedding layers that hinder expansion.

Habits, thoughts, and fears can hinder spiritual growth. Things wrapped tightly around us can trap us in an unfulfilled and unproductive life.

What can you peel away so you can grow unhindered in the light of the Son?

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Sue Schlesman

Sue Schlesman lives and ministers in Richmond, VA, alongside her pastor/husband Shane and their three sons. She is an author, English teacher, practical theologist, and boy-mom. You can read her blog at www.susanwalleyschlesman.com