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What Big Eyes You Have!

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth so that He may support those whose heart is completely His.  2 Chronicles 16:9 AMP

Photo courtesy of pixabay.This is for you. The teen girl who feels invisible. The mom surrounded by loneliness. The woman who wonders if anyone cares. The man struggling with meaning. Those touched by hopelessness. Souls caught in the pit of despair. The lost who don’t believe they can be found. To everyone who questions God’s existence or love.

Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf in disguise possessed big eyes. “The better to see you with,” he said. But his eyes don’t compare to the Lord’s eyes which are vast, keen, and aware.

A story of the God who sees is found in Genesis 16. Childless, Sarai devises a plan for her servant Hagar to conceive her husband’s child. Hagar obliges, but Sarai regrets her scheme and deals harshly with Hagar. Hagar flees the scene. Alone in the wilderness, she encounters an angel of the Lord who tells her she will bear a son, her offspring will be multiplied, and she is to return and submit to her mistress. She calls the name of the Lord who appeared to her the God of seeing.

God’s vision is omnipresent. To and fro references a constant movement—backward and forward, side to side. There’s no place to escape His sight. He found Hagar in her wilderness and finds us in ours.

God’s eyes are on a mission to support us. He undergirds us in all of life’s plans, schemes, and ordeals. Our support is from the eyes and heart of the Almighty. Especially in those instances when we flee the scene because the ordeal is too much to handle.

God cares for us and wants our hearts to be completely His. He wants to devise our life’s plans. He desires that we submit to His will, expect Him to be visible in our lonely places, give Him authority to reign supreme, and find our hope in Christ alone.

You’re not invisible or alone. Your life has meaning. Find your hope in God. He has big eyes.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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