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Stop Wishing for Something Better

Workers who tend a fig tree are allowed to eat its fruit. In the same way, workers who protect their employer's interests will be rewarded.  Proverbs 27:18

Photo courtesy of pixabay.If you’re grumbling, you’re probably not thankful for your job.

My husband and I own a business and have several employees. Most of them are hard workers and are grateful for their jobs. We’re always willing to reward them with bonuses and pay raises.

However, we do have some employees who periodically complain about their jobs, hoping a better one will come along. This can become a burden to us as owners. We aren’t enticed to give nice raises and bonuses to employees who grumble while working for us.

Many employees seem to grumble about their jobs daily, wishing something better would come along. Putting our efforts into tending the job we have and protecting our employer's interest with joy and thankfulness helps us see fruitful rewards where we are.

Work like the company belongs to you. When you do, God promises you will be rewarded. We are better off working vigorously at the job we have instead of grumbling about it and wishing for something better.

Work hard and protect your job. Then watch as God rewards you where you are.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Debbie Norred

Debbie Norred is the founder of Heartkeepers Ministries, Inc., a women's speaking and writing ministry founded on Proverbs 4:23. Her greatest desire is to know Christ and share His love with others. You can read more about her ministry at www.heartkeepers.org. Debbie resides with her husband, Mike, in Lynn Haven, Florida. They have one grown son, Blake, and are members of Lynn Haven United Methodist Church.


  1. What a super devotion to encourage being a godly employee!