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As I Was Saying

Obey, never doubting, and trust The Lord and His purposes in what He is telling us to do. It's better than sacrifice.  1 Samuel 15:22 The Message

Photo courtesy of pixabay.We who have walked with Jesus for a long time have been there.

You know the scenario. The Holy Spirit prompts us to do or say something to someone. Something like, “Call your friend.” Sounds like such a small request, and yet we argue. “Lord, it’s morning, and You know she's not a morning person.” Or, “Lord, what I need to tell her can wait.” Perhaps, “Lord, I'll tell her the next time we talk.”

God is never impressed when we try to do things our way. When we've finished with our discourse of excuses and arguments, Jesus quietly says once again, “As I was saying, call your friend.”

Finally, we give in and dial the number. She answers and doesn't sound good. She’s still in bed, and we realize there's more to this story. This isn't like her. With intensity of voice, she tells about the last three days. It has been one thing after another—crazy, unexplainable things and people. She’s had some of the worst days of her life and has been in spiritual warfare.

We didn't know that, but God did. He always knows what's happening with His children. As the pain pours from her heart, we're humbled and grateful the Lord didn't stop in His promptings to call her. The fact that she's several states away is immaterial. The Holy Spirit takes hold of the situation, and there’s a change in the spiritual atmosphere.

The Holy Spirit ministers, encourages, lifts up, and restores our precious friend—as only He can. All because Jesus said, “As I was saying, call your friend.”

When God says something, listen. 

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Mary Brooks

Mary C. Brooks is an intercessor, writer, speaker, seminar teacher, and handmaiden to Jesus. She counts it a a privilege and responsibility to be allowed by God to help feed His lambs and sheep. 


  1. Wonderful post and one I can definitely relate to. So easy to dismiss or not even hear those whisperings of the Lord, yet when we don''t resist and we obey his bidding, we and others are rewarded immensely. Thank you for this reminder!