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Thanks to God

After breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?" "Yes, Master, you know I love you." Jesus said, "Feed my lambs."  John 21:15 The Message

Photo courtesy of pixabay.The Pilgrims who survived the first year in Plymouth were grateful for their neighbors.

Without the help of the Wampanoag Tribe, the Pilgrims would not have lived through their first winter. English speaking Squanto befriended the weary travelers and the next spring taught them vital gardening skills. Chief Massasoit allied with the Pilgrims and provided the extra food the colony needed for the first few years.

Fast forward with me. On my way to indulge in a manicure, the red warning light on the gas gauge lit up. I swerved into the station to fill up and drove past a man standing beside his van. He held a cardboard sign that read, “Out of work. Need food.” A woman leaned from the passenger seat while two little girls sat in the back.

From the other side of the gas pump, a man called to the sign holder, “Hey, buddy, come over here and I’ll fill your tank.” This gentleman’s influence prompted me to help. Then another truck pulled alongside the van. Before the family left, they had cash, a full tank, and bags of groceries.

When Jesus sat with Peter and asked him to feed his lambs, there were no qualifiers. Jesus didn’t say feed the lambs if they prove they’re needy … or as long as you feel safe. He said, “Feed my lambs.”

Squanto, Massasoit, and the Wampanoag Tribe helped a group of strangers—teaching and supplementing their food until they were independent. A stranger passed through my territory, and God presented an opportunity for me.

Opportunities to give to faceless causes come every day through mail, phone calls, and television. Pray you’ll recognize the opportunities God has planned for you.

Experience the joy and contentment that come from giving.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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