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A Personal Sacrifice

The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep hear his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.  John 10:3

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Jesus knew my name as He hung on the cross.

My eyes burned as tears filled my eyes. I struggled to focus on the road, daydreaming as I traveled a road I’d driven hundreds of times before. The truth that Jesus knew my name washed over me like the warmth of the sun’s rays breaking from behind a cloud. I had come face-to-face with my Lord. The fact of Jesus’ love was no longer a religious teaching, but an inescapable truth that He was my personal Savior. I could imagine Christ, the gatekeeper, calling my name—His voice traveling thousands of years to reach my ears.

Jesus, fully man yet fully God, knew each of our names as He hung on the cross. He calls us by name and longs for us to follow Him. His desire is for us to know Him intimately so we are hope-filled and moved to teach others about His love.

Just like daydreaming while driving a familiar route, fight to stay alert and focused while on this journey. Read Scripture with the Holy Spirit’s help to renew your mind. Your faith doesn’t have to become mundane. God’s Word is alive and active. Allow it to refresh you. Let the truth that Jesus knows you and calls you by name shake you free from your autopilot faith.

Hear Christ call your name and follow Him daily by saying, Here am I Lord. May your unfailing love cover me. Remind me, Lord, to seek your guidance, and give me a longing to do your will.

Let God protect you from the wolves of routine, familiarity, and boredom.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Kathy Dork

Kathy Dork is a writer, speaker, and women’s small group leader. She passionately encourages others to find hope, joy, and contentment through an intimate relationship with Christ. She lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and two sons. They enjoy the quiet beauty of Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula, especially the activities of Spider Lake and the beautiful teal waters of Torch Lake. Family activities include fishing, boating, biking, wakeboarding, and lacrosse.  Kathy’s love and passion for her family is only outweighed by her love and passion for Christ. She has written for MOPS Hello Dearest blog, OurFocusforHope.blogspot.com, Connections, and News & Views. Kathy also shares her writing at www.KathyDork.com