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When Someone Doesn't Like Us

You shall have no other gods before Me.  Deuteronomy 5:7 NKJV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.We know when someone doesn't like us.

Not the “doesn’t like us for a good reason” doesn’t like us, but doesn't like us for what we can’t change—like the color of our eyes. Or that we possess something they don’t have.

Since I was that vulnerable little girl on the playground, running up to other kids on the first day of school to make friends, I have taken longer than most to understand this dynamic. What would I do with that person who had an insidious vibe behind that oh-so-pleasant smile? Assuming I hadn’t done anything to cause it, except for having the eye color I did, I had to learn that God allowed it. Believing this is crucial—especially if that person is a relative, co-worker, teacher, or someone I can’t walk away from.

I eventually learned not to take it personally when someone didn’t like me—but not without a crash course from God regarding one of His great commandments. With each painful experience, God taught me a lesson about tearing down idols.

Anything we put before God is an idol—especially our relationships. And if we are born an extroverted people-person like me, then this can be a slippery slope. I am blessed to have family and friends who love me for who I am. But with my temperament, I could easily get everything I need from people.

God allowed these painful moments when someone didn’t like me to send me running back to Him—where I belonged in the first place. I had the tendency to keep God a close second. His chastisement on this spiritual issue granted me great strides in keeping this commandment, not to mention what it has done for my mental health.

God has wired us for relationships, and beautiful ones at that. But if we insist on having all our needs met by our spouses, children, or acquaintances, then we might waste the opportunity to put God first when He lets that nasty, mean person come along—even that harmless little god on the playground.

When someone doesn’t like you, let it be an opportunity for God to grow you spiritually.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Christine Lind

Christine Lind is a Christian woman who is a Mary at heart, but who invariably finds herself acting more like the other sister, Martha. She’s a writer and author, having won the short list, Eric Hoffer Awards for Flash Fiction, with A Man with a Millstone Around His Neck, published in Best New Writing 2014. She’s also an Elite Life Coach, trained Stephen Minister, and creator of “An Ideal Life,” www.christinelind.com—a website for Christian women where she writes inspirational fiction and non-fiction. Chistine lives in the Midwest with her home-builder husband, three grown adult children, a tribe of grandchildren, and an annoying Himalayan cat named George.