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Holding On

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.  Hebrews 10:23

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Bonnie Tyler took the radio charts by storm in 1984. She belted out the lyrics about holding out for a hero.

Bonnie’s qualifications for such a person were ginormous. Her hero had to be a human with Hercules strength and speed. A person larger than life. Fresh from a fight, he’d appear on a white steed to rescue her.

Ms. Tyler’s song kept young women believing this hero existed somewhere out there. Many were disillusioned with their mates or in the search for one. But this superhero only existed in movies, romance novels, and comic books.

As a young woman in my twenties, my hero swept me off my feet. I took a ride on his white steed. However, my story didn’t end with the happily-ever-after quote. Devastation and despair engulfed me. In my efforts to recover, I picked up the Bible and read about the One who came to live and die for me. A pastor comforted me with the following statement: “If you were the only person ever born, Jesus would’ve left the throne room of heaven and come down to die on the cross just for you.”

I woke up from the daydream that an earthly hero existed to meet all my needs and affirm me to the fullest. My discovery? Only Christ can raise me up, meet my every need, and love me the way my heart desires.

In all honesty, I raise my hand as guilty of trying to hold humans to superhero status. My high expectations have crashed with the strength and speed mentioned in the lyrics. No person born with the DNA of biological parents can meet the required standards in a song. I’m flawed. We’re all flawed. We rise and fall in our strengths—every single one of us.

Ms. Tyler held out for a hero. I doubt he ever appeared. I’m holding on to mine: “For He who promised is faithful.”

Look for your hero in Christ, not a human. 

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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